DIY Inexpensive Air Conditioner Using PVC Pipe and a Bucket and Fan

The Heatwave is coming and if you don't have air conditioning it could be miserable, especially sleeping at night. This is guaranteed to help. A DIY Bucket Air ConditionerPhoto: desertsun02

Every year we seem to have a few heatwaves that happen upon us and make life miserable for those with no air conditioning. Every year I always post a couple of DIY air conditioners that can easily be made for very little money and can effectively cool down a small bedroom at night to make sleeping more bearable.

Courtesy of You Tuber desertsun02 (subscribe to his channel, very useful)

How to make a non-compressor based "5 gallon bucket" air conditioner. Simple DIY. items needed: bucket, styrofoam liner, pvc pipe, small fan, and ice. One frozen gallon jug of water lasted 6 hours. temperature in house was 84F. cooled air was in the mid. 40F range.

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