Legendary Pitch Man Ron Popeil Dies Unexpectedly In L.A. At The Age Of 86

"Hey good lookin, we'll be back to pick you up later", "Set it and Forget it" and many other sayings were part of Popeil's schpeel.Photo: CNN Business

Iconic infomercial pioneer Ron Popeil has died at the age of 86. According to a press release from his family, he died in Los Angeles after a medical emergency. For the uninitiated, Popeil sold items such as the Pocket Fisherman, the Bedazzler, the Veg-O-Matic and Mr. Microphone. Thanks to his invention of cooking inventions such as the ‘Ronco Rotisserie.’ He also coined the phrase, “Set it and forget it!”

But more than that, Popeil is credited with creating the formula that became dominant in infomercials:

  • While in front of a “live studio audience,” present a “revolutionary” invention that addressed a minor problem.
  • Throw in "free" bonus products to the delight of an in-studio audience
  • Most importantly, warn viewers that supplies are low, so they have to "call now!"

(Courtesy CNN.com)

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