Today Is Nat'L Teddy Bear Day-True Story Linked To An American President

September 9th is National Teddy Bear Day! Teddy Bear Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate our most loyal childhood companions.Photo: Nat'l Library of America

The creation of the Teddy Bear is directly linked to our 26th President Theodore Roosevelt "Teddy". Here is the story behind it.Photo: Nat'l Library of America

The teddy bear dates back to the early 1900s and its history is closely linked to an American president.

In November 1902, President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt attended a bear hunt in Mississippi. The other members of the hunting party captured a young bear, tied it to a tree, and offered the shot to the president. When news spread that Roosevelt refused to kill the bear, a political cartoonist named Clifford Berryman depicted the president with the bear in a cartoon titled, “Drawing the Line in Mississippi.” In the first printing the cartoon bear was a full-grown animal, but it was later redrawn as a cuddly cub.

The story and cartoon became famous, toy makers were inspired to create “Teddy’s Bear,” and by 1906 the teddy bear craze was in full swing! Today, teddy bears are a staple in any young child's life. Celebrate this American icon and make sure the kids in your life have a huggable teddy bear today!

Happy National Teddy Bear Day! (Story courtesy Dr. Dave's Ultimate Prep)

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