New Song I Want You To Hear-Ronny Morris "Lilly" What Do You Think?

New single from Ronny Morris' titled "Lilly" please check it out and share your opinion with me on our Eagle Facebook post. Photo: Morris Music

Working for a Classic Hits radio station like 106.7 The Eagle, I don't get to share new music on air with you. But I always enjoy sharing it with you on my Eagle blog page. Ronny is a friend of mine who is a talented singer song writer who currently lives in Spain. The video for "Lilly" was shot on a high rise roof top in Los Angeles. The new song "Lilly" comes from his "Sweet Silence" album. Ronny is also a protector of our planet. He sent me this message.....

Lilly is the single off the Sweet Silence album. A Carbon Neutral Release which was made ECO friendly in collaboration with the Carbon Neutral Company. Yup we made a eco friendly album.

Please take a listen and watch the video to Ronny Morris' "Lilly" below and leave a Facebook comment on how you liked the song. Thanks for checking it out and Ronny thanks you too.

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