Head To This Oregon City For Some Of The Best Street Food In The Country

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Everyone can get down for some street food. Chefs and cooks can bring all kinds of flavors and cuisine to the palm of your hands, from local specialties to international dishes.

They also tend to be more affordable than sit-down restaurants! Who doesn't like a good price for delicious food?

"Street food in the USA has come a long way from greasy burritos and pizza for blue-collar workers on the go," as Hotels.com put it. "You can now find innovative and delicious dishes that are worth traveling for and look great on your social media feed."

The website also laid out the 10 best U.S. street food cities. These destinations are lined with so many food trucks and carts, your options are almost endless. One Oregon city made the cut, and that honor goes to...

Portland at No. 4!

Here's what writers had to say about the street food scene in the Rose City:

"Portland is home to young and hip out-of-state newcomers who have played an important role in America’s evolving food truck culture. Portlanders enjoy a lot of Asian cuisines, from Vietnamese pho to Indian curries, as well noodle stalls from every regional niche.
On Adler Street, Viking Soul Food serves Norwegian lefse (potato flatbread) paired with smoked salmon and seafood chowder. LoveVerona serves lesser known but authentic Italian dishes like cavatini, a beef pasta with 3 cheeses with basil sauce and garlic bread. Don’t miss the famous chicken and rice by Nong’s Khao Mun Gai, which locals claim to have started the whole food truck craze. In fact, the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down in Portland, with an estimated 500 vendors moving about in this city alone."

Click here to Hotels.com's full list of cities for street foodies.

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