The Tastiest Dessert In Oregon Can Be Found At This Donut Shop

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Desserts are perfect in almost every way. You can enjoy a slice of cake after a hearty meal, or sip on a milkshake while eating a burger or some fries. How about donuts for breakfast, or snacking on cookies whenever? There are countless tasty treats to enjoy at any time of the day.

But with so many to choose from, where can you get the best dessert where you live? Eat This, Not That! laid out the most delicious sweets in each state, including Oregon!

Here's the No. 1 treat to get in the Beaver State:

A Voodoo Doll from Voodoo Doughnuts!

"He's meant to be scary, but we think the Voodoo Doll donut is just adorable," writers said about the dessert. "The raspberry-filled yeast doll-shaped donut with chocolate frosting and a pretzel stake in its heart is deliciously creepy."

The Voodoo Doll isn't the only pastry to try from this donut shop. They have all kinds of decadent donuts, such as bacon-topped bars, to simple classics.

If you want to try a Voodoo doll, and many more of Voodoo Donuts' offerings, swing by 22 SW 3rd Ave in Portland. If you don't live in Oregon, don't worry. They have locations in several other states, too!

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