Energy Bills Are About To Get More Expensive In Oregon

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Keep an eye on your energy bill -- you may be seeing higher prices soon if you live in Oregon, KATU reports.

It's not just Oregonians who are going to feel the spike in prices. It's happening nationwide, according to Brian Allbritton, the executive director at Oregon Energy Fund. Demand is rising, but there are supply constriants, meaning millions of Americans are going to see their electricity or gas bills skyrocket, reporters say.

“If you’re using natural gas, if you’re using electricity, God help you if you’re using propane this year, because the prices are going up substantially,” Allbritton explains. "Propane prices are not regulated, and they’re spiking to nearly 50% of normal."

Forecasters are also expecting the weather to be colder this year, making electricity more crucial. On top of that, people who rely on oxygen machines or a refrigerator to keep their insulin cold, may be affected.

“Energy assistance is a life and death situation,” Allbritton tells reporters. “In Oregon, it’s about a one in four household problem, which equates to nearly half a million Oregonians. And that’s every single year,” he said.

This is what reporters recommend if you're having trouble paying your bill:

"Call your utility company as soon as possible. They may be able to change your bill due date or set up payment plans for you."

Oregon Energy Fund is also a nonprofit organization that helps being struggling to pay their energy bills. The state government also has a page dedicated to more energy assistance resources.

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