Busch Light-David's Bridal Team Up-Create $750 Camo Wedding Dress-Would You

Would you wear this Camo Wedding dress from Busch Light Beer and David's Bridal to your wedding?Photo: Busch Light/David's Bridal

(Courtsey foodandwine.com)

Your wedding day is one ofthe most important days of your life. You want your favorite people there, of course, but you also want other things you love: a DJ playing your most memorable tunes, a dress from an amazing designer, and the bar servingyour favorite beer.

But what if simply drinking your favorite brew isn't enough? Finally, Busch Light has you covered on combining your beer with your gear. Thedelightfully low-brow brandhas just launched its own formal wear, meaning couples can grab official Busch-inspired wedding gowns and bowties to triumphantly strut down the aisle in Busch Light style.

"Forget the blushing bride; the Busching bride has arrived," Get the full scoop right here!

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