Today We Honor Betty White And Remember Our Dogs Over The Rainbow Bridge

Today we donated to Oregon Dog Rescue in honor of Betty White and in remembrance of these 6 beautiful dogs we have lost in the past 3.5 years.Photo: Scott Tom

The Betty White Challenge asks us to donate $5 to the animal shelter of our choice in her honor for her 100th birthday. May I recommend Oregon Dog Rescue? Link below. Photo: Scott Tom

You may or may not know, over the past several years my wife Adele and I have adopted senior dogs from shelters. Mostly from Oregon Dog Rescue. These are dogs with not a lot of tme left and our goal is to love them and give them the best life possible during their final years. Then when the time comes to say goodbye, we need to build a resistance to the sorrow and try to feel good that they had the best life and were loved and part of a family. No matter how hard you try, saying goodbye is the hardest thing about loving animals. We have said goodbye to 6 in the past 3.5 years. We currently own 4 dogs, 2 from Oregon Dog Rescue and 2 younger rescues that fell into our herd and home unexpectedly. Pictured above are Thunder Boy, Annie Girl, Chloe Girl, Artie Boy, Luke Boy and Teasha Girl. Love and miss them all. Please donate what you can today to your favorite animal shelter in honor of Betty White's 100th birthday and her wonderful life of animal advocacy. Again, may Adele and I recommend Oregon Dog Rescue? Here is their link


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