Arnold Schwarzenneger Involved In A Serious 3 Car Crash-Look At The Images

Veteran Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger escaped unhurt after he was involved in a car crash in Los Angeles. Photo: Pixaby Free Images

One of the women involved in the crash shared her story. Habiba Muminova says she was waiting at a red light to turn on Sunset Blvd when Arnold's large SUV collided with a red Prius. That’s when one of Arnold's back tires crashed into her car. Habiba says the impact was so hard she thought she broke her spine.

His SUV’s position forced her to crawl out the passenger side. She wasn’t checked out on scene, but is headed to the doctor this week for pain in her back and shoulder. There was a passenger in her now totaled car… Habiba drives patients to doctor’s appointments.

“TMZ” says law enforcement sources say police believe the accident was Arnold's fault, though he was not ticketed.


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