Would You Eat A Burger Made From A Vending Machine, Like This One?

The first burger vending machine us up and running in New Jersey with more to come. Photo: Jessica Montgomery/Today Show

I was and am still skeptical that a burger made in a vending machine can be restaurant quality. But according to the reporter who did this story with the today show, it is.....and then some. It's called the Roboburger. For $6.99 is makes a fresh hot burger in 6 minutes from start to finish. RoboBurger was designed to act as a restaurant at the fraction of the size. Inside the machine holds a refrigerator and automated griddle and cleaning system. In between each order, you can clearly hear the RoboBurger’s cleaning systems working their magic on the inside. RoboBurger can produce two burgers at a time. When the grilling is complete, the burger descends onto the bay where a bun is flipped onto the patty in a classic cardboard box right before your eyes. Once the light turns green, you’re given the all clear to grab your meal.

Find out what Jessica from The Today Show had to say about her first experience with Roboburger here.

Courtesy Today Show

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