You Will Love The iHeart/1067 The Eagle TalkBack Mic-Here's How It Works

Our new Talk Back Mic allows you to contact us and record :30 seconds of what's on your mind. Make a request, tell us where you listen at work, or yes, even complain!Photo: Scott Tom/iHeart

Contact us almost immediately in the studio with the new iHeart Talk Back Mic.

(Streaming from your cell phone only) Call up 106.7 The Eagle through the iHeart Radio App. You will see the Eagle screen, and top-right is a red microphone. Tap on it and you'll see a red record button. Tap that button and start talking, you have :30 seconds and if you screw up, don't worry. It will say "Try Again" or "Send". So if you do goof up, you can try again until you get it right. Once you send, it comes to me right here in the Eagle studio, I give it a listen and take action as best I can depending upon your message. Remember, the TalkBack Mic is only when streaming on your cell phone through the iHeart Radio app. Download the FREE iHeart Radio app now and give it a try. Its easy and fun! I'll be waiting!

This is the PlayBack screen i will see with your recording just minutes after you send it. Just think, it's like your personal "Bat-Phone Hot Line". Photo: Scott Tom/iHeart

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