Some Unwritten Rules Of Flying All Travelers Should Follow-See If You Agree

Adele and I will be flying more this summer and these unwritten rules to follow seem pretty reasonable to us. See if you don't agree. Photo: Gallery

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These days flying on a plane can be a nightmare for a variety of reasons, and one of those is definitely fellow passengers. While there may not actually be a written etiquette guide to the proper way to behave on a plane, there are things that just make common sense, but unfortunately too many people are apparently still clueless.

Well now folks are setting the record straight on how you should behave on flights. It all started when someone posed the question “What's an unwritten rule which airplane passengers should conform to?’ Responses include:

  • “If someone has earbuds in and clearly doesn’t want to talk, stop trying to talk to them for the entirety of the flight.”
  • “Respect space and take a shower.”
  • “If you can't match shapes with holes on a children's toy, check your bags.”
  • “Window gets an armrest and a wall, middle gets two armrests, aisle gets an armrest and a bit of extra legroom. We’re not f***ing animals. We live in a society.”
  • “Don't watch films on your phone without headphones. Had this happen a few times now.”
  • “Fart in the can, not in your seat.”
  • “Do not put your feet up between the armrest in front of you. It's so disgusting.”
  • “Don't let your damn kid kick the seat in front of him.”
  • “If it takes you more than five seconds to stand up, grab your gear, and start walking up the aisle you should just sit and let others go by.”
  • “Don’t drape your hair over the back of your seat into my food please and thanks.”
  • “If you bring food, make sure it doesn’t have an obnoxious scent. Was flying home from Hawaii a couple of years ago and the lady next to me had a bag of hard boiled eggs, it smelled atrocious.”
  • “You don’t need to stand up as soon as the plane stops moving.”
  • “Don't ask for a seat swap unless you also offer an upgrade. Even so accept graciously if the other person declines. Nothing earth shattering will happen if you and your partner/friend do not sit together on the flight.”
  • “Reclining your seat isn't going to make you any more comfortable but it is going to make you hated.”

Source: Reddit

Also courtesy Dr. Dave's ultimate Show Prep

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