A Reddit Thread Asks "What Are The Most Underrated Christmas Gifts?"

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Some of these underrated Christmas gifts might just be the way to go. Check these out, you might find them useful! Photo: Getty Images

Even when you know someone really well, finding the perfect present for them can be challenging. But a new thread on Ask Reddit suggests thinking outside the box could be the way to go. It asks, “What is the most underrated Christmas gift?”

People seem to have a lot of feelings on this topic, as there are nearly 3-thousand responses. These are some of the underrated gifts people really appreciated.

  • "One time at work, we were doing this white elephant thing. When I opened mine, it was a 124-pack of toilet paper. Everybody laughed and thought it was funny, but I've never even come close to receiving a gift as amazing as that."
  • "Extra long charging cables and a multi-port fast charger. Go to the Anker website and load up. Show up on Xmas with a bag, and say lighting or USB-C, and hand them out or be god-tier and give everyone one of each that’s six feet long with a fast charger. Everyone needs more cables; not enough people think to go extra long, or they just use the charger that came with the device."
  • "My mom always gives me a 'care package' that includes: toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, laundry detergent, and trash bags from Costco. I look forward to that sh*t every year. I don’t have to worry about buying that stuff for a couple months."
  • "Nice sheets or towels. Everybody enjoys them, but no one I know can ever justify spending good money on sheets or towels. I have gifted a bunch, and they are always well received."
  • "Premium subscription to something the person already uses the free version of. They're guaranteed to use it, and it's already something they've decided that they weren't going to splurge on themselves for. So, as a gift, it's both a necessity and a luxury. "
  • "Restaurant gift cards, especially for local, non-chain restaurants. You give them a reason to go eat out with their S.O.; it's thoughtful and usually will bring them a lot of joy."
  • "Grocery or gas gift cards."
  • "Nice, comfy pajamas — I never buy them for myself.”
  • "My grandmother paid my gas bill one Christmas. I thought that was a nice present."
  • "My best friend from college buys me fancy panties every year for Christmas, and I love it so much."
  • "A one-time mobile detail or landscaping service. Got one of each once. Life-changing. Such a small but positive thing to motivate you to keep things that may have gotten out of hand clean."
  • "A really good version of something that’s usually inexpensive. A nice pen, great tea or coffee, good leather bound notebooks. Even a nice version of most of those things is going to be under $50, but is still really luxurious."

Source: Reddit

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