Friday The 13th Special: Nightmare At The Museum

Spooky old house

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The exhibits are like something from a nightmare.

A room full of dolls, haunted cabinets, human skulls, and cursed boxes are just a few of the things one can encounter at Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum, not to mention the spirits that roam the hallways. What better place for Jojo Wright, host of Paranormalish, to take his podcast on Friday the 13th?

“It is beyond fascinating, and terrifying to be honest,” Wright said. “We went in after hours, I think we arrived about 10:30 p.m., he set me up with one of his guides, and basically it was just us walking through the museum until about 2-2:30 in the morning.”

Wright didn’t just release an audio file of his trip through the museum, he had the entire thing recorded and uploaded to his YouTube channel. Listeners who want a more immersive experience should check it out but be warned, some of the contents may be disturbing.

“This stuff is real,” said Wright. “The director and producer of the video we shot, his name is Wacko, when he got home, strange things started happening at his house. His wife has saged the house. We will do a follow-up episode to get an update on how that’s going and what exactly happened.”  

“I am on guard all of the time because it feels like something is following you,” said Virginia, a museum tour guide of around five years. “I always tell people on my tours, if it feels bad, don’t do it. If it feels like you shouldn’t go into a room, or an artifact, you can stay out of the room if you want to. I always tell people to trust your instincts.” 

Right as Virginia begins talking about the Dybbuk Box, an artifact the museum’s website claims as the most haunted object in the world, the audio suddenly cuts out and the podcast goes dead. Wright explains that the batteries in the recording equipment were suddenly drained despite having spent the day charging.  

He goes on to say that this is common in areas with high paranormal activity. Virginia tells the host that guests are not allowed to have their phones on during their visit for this very reason. After replacing the batteries, their tour continues.

Wright carried a Bible with him during the tour and had to pull it out when he came face to face with a doll named “Gretchen,” who stays in a special room behind a thick panel of glass to keep her from wandering the museum. According to Virginia, a girl recently taunted the doll and then lost consciousness a few minutes later in the next room. The following day, another woman lost consciousness in the same spot. We suppose now is a good time to mention that visitors to this museum must sign a liability waiver, because this kind of thing isn’t uncommon. 

Hear Wright’s entire tour on “Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum - The Haunted Museum (Las Vegas).” Paranormalish releases new episodes regularly on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you listen to podcasts. If you or someone you know has experienced something otherworldly, give Jojo a call at 833-682-UFO1 (8361). 

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