The MLS season is about to start- Here's how you can watch

Seattle Sounders FC v Portland Timbers

Photo: Getty Images North America

When the MLS announced that they would not be showing games on the regular channels like ESPN, Fox Sports or even Root, a lot of fan scratched their heads. It's pretty counter-intuitive. The sport is just starting to really take hold in the US, so you'd think the league would want as much exposure as possible. I guess not. Instead, they seem to be going for a guaranteed money play with an exclusive contract with Apple+.

That means you have to have the Apple+ app on your TV or phone to watch. I already have Apple+, so I was excited that I would be getting the games for "free," thinking that it was just included in my regular subscription. But no, of course it wasn't. There is an additional charge, even for Apple+ customers.

So, how to watch Timbers games without dropping a whole bunch of money on yet another streaming service?

Well, for one, if you are a season ticket holder, you get one free subscription to the MLS season on Apple+. That means if you are sharing tickets with another family, only one family gets the pass. Hopefully you like the other family.

Secondly, if you are a T-Mobile customer, you can get the season for free by downloading their app and signing up (see info below.)

Short of those two things, you need to either pay OR become very close friends with someone who has the season pass.

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