The Most Influential, Amazing, Loved Women In My life-Past and Present-IWD

My mother Carolyn Tom who was my ROCK my whole life. She made me who I am today. Thank you mom!Photo: Scott Tom

The women on my wife's side of the family. 4 generations here. Adele's grandmother Dr. Ruth Thomas (Oma), Adele's mother Dorothy Pierce (nanna), Adele's (mine too) daughter Veronica and my lovely wife Adele. They all have been and are still important women in my life.Photo: Scott Tom

My sister Gail Tobler who has always been there for me/us through the years and has displayed amazing strength through the years, especially after losing her son, my nephew Brandon Scott Tobler in Iraq in 2003.Photo: Andy Wolf

Last but certainly not least, my BEST friend, my advisor, my supporter through life. My Aunt Ruby who's personality will never be matched. You're the best Ruby-Duby, miss you. Photo: Scott Tom

Thank you for checking out my amazing women. As we celebrate women on IWD let's all do something meaning ful. Like Provide a meal to women in need. How about pick up the phone and check on a female friend. Of course let's all recognize and appreciate women who serve in the military. Happy Women's Day to all of the women out there. THANK YOU for all you do! #iHeartWomensday

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