Planters NUTmobile And Miller High Life Now A Reservation Only Dive Bar

This is wild, Planters NUTmobile with the help of Miller High Life has been converted into a reservation only dive bar. Smell included!Photo: Planters/Miller High Life

How would you like to have all the beer you can drink and all the warm peanuts you can eat at the Planters-Miller High Life Dive Bar? Cost? Just $3.99 for 90 minutes. (The cost of a jar of peanuts.) The chance to make reservations begins on June 16th. Here is the catch, bookings begin July 9th and you have to be in the city of Milwaukie, WI. But hey, for $3.99 for 90 minutes, it might be worth the flight. Like I said, even the smell is included....

Here are all the amenities you can expect, as described in the announcement from Miller High Life:

  • An authentic dive bar smell that transports you to the closest Miller High Life.
  • A selfie wall that captures all the nutty fun happening inside just like the photo booths at the local dives we’ve given all our spare cash to.
  • The classic dive bar drop ceiling littered with dollar bills (look closely at the custom NUTmobile and High Life cash).
  • A nut-shaped jukebox to crank out your favorite tunes and keep the party cracking.
  • Dim bar lighting like the soft glow from The Girl in the Moon’s neon lights to set the mood.
  • A warm nut machine for all the peanuts you can eat to pair with all the Miller High Life you can drink (free of charge).
  • Peanut and High Life themed bar games (including cornhole, of course).

In case you're wondering how that "authentic dive bar smell" is achieved, a representative tells me it's a combination of peanuts, High Life, sweet tobacco, and mahogany aromas delivered via a scent machine.

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