Former Siegfried & Roy Tigers Have New Home In Rural Oregon, Near Portland

Wildcat Ridge Sanctuary near Scotts Mills, Oregon is home for Siegfried & Roy's famous tigers. Now they can live a peaceful, protected life. Photo: Wildcat Ridge Sanctuary

I have been associated with Wildcat Ridge Sanctuary for many many years. Cheryl Tuller and her staff, associates, vets all do a wonderful job caring for the many cats they have on their sprawling 80 acre sanctuary. It is the perfect place to rehome Siegfried and Roy's famous tigers from their Las Vegas magic shows. These tigers will have a wonderful, happy existence living their, Here is the full story courtesy of KOIN.

Wildcat Ridge Sanctuary has a website where you can find out more. How to get involved, how to donate, purchase merchandise and more. They are grateful for any help you can give to help them continue to give these big cats the very best life possible. The website is

Thank you for your help!

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