This Beautiful Bride Made History-First 3-D Printed Wedding Dress

Mariana Pavani is wearing the first wedding gown in history printed by a 3-D printer.Photo: Mariana Pavani

The bride, a Brazilian lawyer, first had a 3D full body scan, and flew to Paris twice and Amsterdam three times over two years for fittings to create the one-of-a-kind dress. Do you know this beautiful gown took 41 hours to print. It was created by Dutch designer Iris van Herpen, who spent 600 hours designing it and it took another 41 hours to print.

See more pictures of this amazing 3-D printed wedding gown on Mariana's Instagram page here.

(Courtesy Mariana Pavai-thank you for sharing your beautiful creation with the world)

(Courtesy NY Post and Dr. Dave's Ultimate Prep)

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