Professional Poker Player Uses Camera Time To Rip Airline That Lost Luggage

Steve O'Dwyer was about to go out at the main table at a poker event. His luggage had been lost by the airline he flew on about 2 weeks before and he thought he figured he would take his time on camera to call out the airline.

Losing luggage is a frustrating experience. I never had it happen to me until a little over a year ago. Fortunately it happened on my return flight so I didn't really have to scramble to replace anything. But my watch and a few other hard to replace items were in it making the experience rather stressful. I was the only one in my family that experienced lost luggage.

I talked about my experience on the air, although I did not specifically name the airline. That seemed like a bad idea.

My lost bag was finally delivered to my house after 5 days. I thought about having an Apple AirTag in it for peace of mind. Evidently Steve had one in it but it hasn't helped!

Photo credit: okan akdeniz iStock

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