Jim E. Chonga

GETTING TO KNOW JIM E. CHONGA Hometown: Portland, Oregon! Graduated from Cleveland High School, attended Pacific University in Forest Grove and Portland State University.Family: Wife Tara; daughter Emily; son Aidan Hobbies: Golfing (it's not just a sport... it's way of life!), playing pool, darts, playing handbells and singing in my church choir, reading, and playing the organ (my childhood dream was to play the one at the Organ Grinder on 82nd or the one at Oaks Park Roller Rink...never did).Favorite Foods: Filet Mignon, Pizza, Hazelnut Crusted Halibut, and Turkey with all the trimmings, and ice cream (maybe these explain my cholesterol issues).Favorite Movies: Big fan of the Disney Pixar ventures.. also the Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter franchises (not that my movie viewing is influenced by my children in any way!)Favorite Sounds: My childrens' laughter, the ocean, train whistles, and popping wine corksFavorite Vacation Spots: Hawaii, the Oregon Coast, Sun River, and the San Juan Islands.Guilty Pleasures: Fine wine and desserts!Something I love that I lost: My dad, in 2005. He became a father at 57 and lived to 94. He swore he'd be the only guy collecting social security with a kid in kindergarten.Things people would be surprised to know about me: I'm scared to death of getting a speeding ticket... don't know why, just am... have never even had a parking ticket. I'm usually very quiet at home and at family gatherings. Also have a thing for numbers... I easily remember phone numbers, family and friends birthdays/anniversaries, and license plates of every car my parents or I have ever had.Physical fitness routine: Who has time? I jump to conclusions and bend over backwards for people on a daily basis!My Radio Career (all in Portland): KMJK Magic 107 1984-1987, Q-105 1987-1995, KUPL 1995-2008, and since 2009, 106.7 The Eagle!