Enduring Your Significant Other's Flatulence Helps You Live Longer!

Ladies (and Gents, cuz let's face it, women pass gas too but rarely admit it), you're not going to believe this when I tell you, but it turns out that your spouse's smelly farts are actually helping you live longer! 

A study by the University of Exeter found that hydrogen sulfide, the gas emitted from a fart, can have health benefits in low doses. 

So if you're trying to lower the risk of things like dementia, cancer, arthritis, strokes, heart attack, and more...putting up with your mate's gas could be beneficial.

Knowing this fact, will you now put up with your mate's gas?

How long did you wait before you passed gas in front of your mate? For me in front of Mrs. Chonga, probably a week LOL!

couple in bed
Jim E. Chonga

Jim E. Chonga

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