Is Going Through 9 Toilet Paper Rolls a Week for a Family of 3 Excessive?

One mom’s simple question about toilet paper has sparked a huge debate online. In a post that’s recently gone viral, a mother asked folks whether it was normal that her family of only three (two males, one female) goes through a nine-pack of toilet paper each week!

In her post, the mom joked, “honestly I think someone is eating it?” before asking folks if they thought it was “excessive,” and as you can imagine, plenty of people chimed in.

  • Many people did agree that nine rolls does sound a bit much. "There's two adults in my house. A pack of nine would last a month honestly!,” one person shared, while another added, "Wow, I’m never going to complain again... One adult and two kids (one girl: one boy), we use about two to three a week tops!"
  • Others seemed to feel the mom’s pain, with one noting, “Two adults and a teen and we can use 12 or more in a week.”
  • And one person admitted the amount of toilet paper used is also a bone of contention in her house. "I love this post and really made me laugh. This is a strong topic in my house,” one person shared. “I buy a pack of six on a Monday come Friday/Saturday I'm buying more. My kids like to bandage their hand with it before they wipe. Honestly we have endless debates about how many squares you need [to] use.”

Source: Café Mom

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