Hey Ewe! Get off My Lawn! Goats Run Through Issaquah, WA Neighborhood!


A horde of hungry goats managed to break out of their enclosure and ran wild through the streets of Issaquah, which is about 20 miles east of Seattle, on Tuesday (July 30) evening. The goats were brought in by the neighborhood's homeowners association to clear vegetation and overgrowth from a hilly area that bordered a nearby forest.

The goats were nearing the end of their month-long job when they managed to escape their fenced-in enclosure.Craig Madsen, who works as a shepherd for Healing Hooves Natural Vegetation Management, the company hired to bring in the goats,worked with his border collie, Nessie, to corral the runaway goats.

He believes that the goats managed to knock down one of the electrified poles around their enclosure, allowing them to escape.

Mark Svendsen was sitting in his car as the goats were scampering through people's yards and munching on their grass and shrubs. He shared a video of the crazy sight on YouTube.

He wrote in the description of the video that "it took several hours and a lot of help from the community to get the various groups of the herd back together."

Some of the goats were coaxed back to their enclosure, while others were lured to a fenced-in dog park. Eventually, all of the nearly 200 goats were rounded up and brought back to their pen.

"Although it's a lot of hard work for the shepherd to get them collected again, it's made more pleasant when the neighbors find the delight in disruption of an ordinary summer day. Goats are good at that, they have frisky personalities,"Healing Hooves" wrote on Facebook.

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