Feeling Fat? Sniff a Lemon!

Sniffing a Lemon Can Make People Feel Slim, Limited Study Suggests A new study says that smelling lemon can reflect in a person feeling slimmer and having a better outlook on their body image. 

University of Sussex's Computer-Human Interaction (SCHI) Lab lead author, Giada Brianza, a Ph. D. student says, "Our study shows how the sense of smell can influence the image we have in our mind of our body and on the feelings and emotions towards it."

The study also found that vanilla has the opposite effect, making participants in the study feel heavier. As Brianza continues to study the effects of scents' role in how we feel about our bodies, she believes the findings will help those dealing with eating disorders and make advancements with interactive clothing. 

Try it! Sniff a lemon then give some vanilla a whiff and let me know how you feel after smelling both scents. I just know I have more vanilla scented things in my house than lemon. That's about to change!

Jim E. Chonga

Jim E. Chonga

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