What To Do, And What Not To Do, To Protect Your Home From Snow on Roof

The weight of the snow and icicles hanging from roof are something we're all experiencing right now...but what should you do about it?

What you should and should NOT do:

  • Do not go on your roofs to try to clean the snow off. You don't know if there is a layer of ice hidden under the snow.
  • Roofs in the area should be built and up to code to handle the weight of snow, so resist the urge to clean it off.
  • Once ice is on gutters, don't pick at it yourself. You could damage your gutters.
  • Try to safely inspect vent pipes to make sure there is no ice forming around them to block the exhaust.
  • Be prepared for possible flooding as the snow starts to melt.
  • Don't crank your heat up as it causes strain to the system when temps are so cold.
  • Change your heat filters to make sure they're performing as best as possible!

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