Governor Signs Oregon Housing Bills

Photo: Ford, Brad

Governor Tina Kotek signed House Bills 5019 and 2001 into law during her first ceremonial bill signing as Governor after both bills passed with bipartisan support last week. The Governor was joined by lawmakers and advocates for the bill signing.

The legislation will help address Oregon's housing and homelessness crisis, and includes the urgent funding Governor Kotek proposed in response to the homelessness state of emergency that she declared on her first full day in office. The funding is dedicated to homelessness prevention programs, more shelter capacity, rehousing services and more.

“On my first full day in office, I honored my commitment to all Oregonians by declaring a homelessness state of emergency," Governor Kotek said. "I said at the time that the declaration needed to be followed by a comprehensive housing and homelessness package this legislative session. These two bills are the down payment on this session’s efforts.”

"Faced with a statewide housing and homelessness crisis, legislators worked across the aisle and with the Governor to put Oregon on a path toward a future where housing is available and affordable for everyone,” Senate President Rob Wagner (D-Lake Oswego) said.

“Today demonstrates that we can deliver on the biggest, most important issues facing Oregonians,” House Speaker Dan Rayfield (D-Corvallis) said. “Both chambers, both parties, came together with the Governor to tackle our big challenges head on. And we did it in an unprecedented timeframe.”

Source: Oregon Governor's Office

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