Wheeler Announces Decision On Reelection

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler announces whether he'll run for reelection.

Dear Portlander, 

Over the last seven years, my administration has re-shaped City government to effectively respond to an unprecedented number of simultaneous challenges related to homelessness, public safety, livability, and economic recovery. This has led to the development of the Focused Intervention Team, the City’s comprehensive homeless Temporary Alternative Shelter Sites, our Street Services Coordination Center, the Public Environmental Management Office, and our coordinated ‘90 Day Reset’ strategy in targeted neighborhoods, among other major initiatives.

Building these efforts to scale and making them effective has been, and will continue to be, my top priority.

On top of these innovative efforts, we are working through the complexities of implementing voter-approved changes to our city’s charter. This transition is a significant undertaking.

I am a firm believer in public service and know that when government is accountable and responsive to the needs of the community, it can be a force for good. Serving as the elected Mayor of Portland has been both humbling and the greatest privilege of my life.

With that in mind, as we approach 2024, there have been inevitable questions as to whether I will seek a third term as Mayor. There are numerous qualified Portlanders who have announced their run for office—or intention to run—and their decision in part hinges on me seeking a third term.

Addressing our city’s critical challenges while, at the same, time, fundamentally re-shaping city government requires all of my attention over the next 15 months. As such, I will not be seeking another term as your Mayor.

I want to be clear that I will not be slowing down in my current leadership role.

I have great confidence in the steps we are taking to address the problems facing Portland today. We will continue building on that progress to ensure Portland’s best years are ahead of us. 

Ted Wheeler

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