Hate Taking Out The Garbage? Self Driving Garbage Bin To The Rescue!


Remembering to put the bins out is one of life's constants that we always manage to forget.

You return home to find your bin still overflowing with weeks worth of rubbish, knowing you're in for another fortnight of jumping on cereal boxes to squeeze even more in. If all this sounds a bit too familiar, a new invention is here to save the day and take the awful job off your hands for good.

Smartcan pairs your bin with an app on your phone, where you can set the date of your bin collections and a location for your bin to take itself on planned intervals. Here is the app

Scott Tom

Scott Tom

I have been a Portland boy my whole life! My wife Adele and daughter Veronica and I live in Portland with our dog Thunder and cats Shadow and Diamond. We love Christmas lights, we love riding our bikes, going to Sunriver and we really, really... Read more


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