Washington County deputies responded to the home of a Cedar Mill woman who is a Project Lifesaver participant. She suffers from Alzheimer's and had wandered away from her home. She was found a short time later.

Sunday evening at 5:45 p.m., deputies responded to a Cedar Mill home. The husband of a woman suffering from Alzheimer's called deputies to assist in finding his wife. With temperatures already in the 30's, it was imperative deputies find the missing woman as quickly as possible.

The woman has a history of walking away from home and is enrolled in Project Lifesaver. Project Lifesaver participants receive a plastic bracelet containing a waterproof radio transmitter. Each participant's transmitter is assigned a radio frequency that is unique both to them and to their geographical area. The bracelets may be worn on the participant's wrist or ankle.

Often it can take several hours of searching to locate a missing and confused person. Using equipment to track the transmitter, deputies were able to find the missing woman in less than two hours. With temperatures expected to be below freezing, the use of Project Lifesaver may have saved her life.