The third and final closure in the Interstate-84 re-paving project will happen this weekend, for the final phase of the project.

The Westbound lanes will close between I-205 and I-5 at 11 p.m. Saturday, August 3rd, and will re-open by 5 a.m. Monday, August 5th.

Crews completed the paving of the Banfield during the two previous weekend closures last month. This weekend, the work will include installation of new signs, new striping and a new configuration of the westbound I-84 merge with Northbound I-5. After the weekend striping, there will be just one lane to Northbound I-5 and the Rose Quarter from I-84 Westbound, instead of two.

The current configuration allows both the middle and right lanes onto the ramp to northbound I-5.  But motorists must then quickly choose between two exit-only ramps - one leading to the Rose Quarter- and one to I-5. The last-minute lane changes have caused a high number of rear-end and sideswipe crashes.

In the new configuration, one exit-only lane from I-84 will lead to the ramp and an unhurried choice between the Rose Quarter and Northbound I-5 exits.

The new lane configuration will reflect the traffic flow at the west end of I-84, where 67 percent of the vehicles take the ramp to Southbound I-5 and 33 percent take the ramp to the Northbound freeway.

Several East-West alternate routes are available during the weekend closure, including Lombard Street, Columbia and Sandy Boulevards, Burnside Street and Powell Boulevard. Drivers should avoid Northeast Marine Drive, which will be closed between Northeast 33rd and 223rd Avenues, for a triathalon.

Travelers can get the latest information about schedule changes online, at, or There is also a project hotline, where you can get information in both English and Spanish, at 503-731-4663.