The Oregon Humane Society seized more than 40 cats and one dog from a Milwaukie man who had been under investigation for animal neglect. 

In a press release from the Oregon Humane Society, Dr. Kris Otteman, OHS Director of Shelter Medicine, said “The evidence strongly indicated that this was a potential cat hoarding case and that dozens of cats could be suffering from neglect.” All the animals will receive a medical exam and any needed care at the OHS Holman Medical Center.

OHS Humane Officers, along with officers from the Clackamas County Sherriff’s Office, served a search warrant at the Milwaukie home. The search warrant authorized officers to remove all neglected animals at the property. Once inside the property, experienced animal handlers and veterinarians from OHS began the task of removing the animals. 

OHS Investigators have been in contact with the individual for several years, encouraging him to spay and neuter his cats to avoid overcrowded conditions in his home.  The recent investigation stems from a citizen complaint regarding possible neglect on the premises.

The pets are not available for adoption at this time, as they are considered evidence in a court case.