ODOT crews have been out all night Thursday plowing and sanding Portland area freeways and highways. However, with the cold temperatures and the snow that continued to fall overnight the bond between the snow and the pavement is hard to break.

Crews will continue working on the roads around-the-clock plowing and sanding with the goal of keeping the snow packed roads smooth.
ODOT does not recommend driving in these conditions, consider delaying your trip, taking transit or walking.

If you must drive in these conditions:
• Be ready to use your chains. Chains required on vehicles towing or single drive axle over 10,000 GVW or higher are required to use chains on I-5 between Washington State and South Wilsonville.
• Expect a long commute that could last hours. •
• Be patient. Go slow.•
• Increase the following distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you.•
• Don't abandon your vehicle, even in the shoulders. We will tow it.