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(Yahoo!) - L'Wren Scott's final wishes have been released and she's leaving everything to her partner of 13 years, Mick Jagger.

Scott's will was signed on May 23, 2013, nearly one year before her tragic death on March 17, and bequeathed all of her "jewelry, clothing, household furniture and furnishings, personal automobiles and other tangible articles of a personal nature" and the remainder of her estate to the Rolling Stones frontman.

Her family received nothing.

The late fashion designer's final testament stirs up a series of questions about why she decided to take her own life at the tender age of 47.

While initial reports suggested that the former model was bordering on bankruptcy and her design house, LS Fashion Ltd., was $5.9 million in the red, her assets, including an $8 million New York City apartment and nearly $1 million in valuables, suggest otherwise. Papers were filed on Wednesday at Manhattan's Surrogate Court and estimate the total value of Scott's estate was $9 million.

Scott was laid to rest in Los Angeles on Tuesday. A small and private ceremony was arranged by Jagger, 70, and attended by her family.

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